OctoScroller v2 Kit

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Octoscroller v2 Kit

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This is a kit to assemble your own OctoScroller using the more efficient “version 2” pinout.

An OctoScroller, when mounted on a BeagleBone Black, can drive 8 “chains” of P10/P5 panels. Each chain can have 12 P10’s or 5 P5’s giving a total of 96 P10’s or 40 P5 panels.

This is a kit which includes everything needed to solder your own. It includes OctoScroller v2 board (color: green), the headers to mount to the BeagleBone, 8 shrouded headers for the panel connecters, the 3.5mm screw terminal for the 5V power to power the BeagleBone, a 20pin DIP socket, and the octal buffer chip to put in the socket.

Octoscrollers are fairly easy to solder. There are a lot of pins so it can be time consuming, but there aren’t any temperature sensitive components on it while soldering. Thus, you can take your time and not worry.


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