FM Transmitter – Si4713


FM Transmitter for K32A-B and K16A-B.

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This FM transmitter is designed as an add-on for several of the Beagle based controllers to add direct FPP controlled FM transmission. It plugs into the 11pin header on the K32A-B or K16A-B and will broadcast the audio out on the FM channel configured in FPP. The FM transmitter requires the Si4713/VAST-FM FPP Plugin to be installed in order to configure and enable the the FM transmission and the audio must be configured to use the on-board pcm5102a audio DAC. The FPP Plugin will also allow transmission of RDS information like station name, song information, etc… to radios that can receive and display that information.

NOTE: The FM transmitter will NOT come with any sort of antenna attached. The user will need to create a suitable antenna (a simple 75cm wire will work for most cases) and solder it to the transmitter.

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