Beaglebone Black


Beaglebone Black with FPP Flashed to eMMC.



Beaglebone Black with FPP Flashed to eMMC. Note: does not come in retail packaging.

If ordered with a controller, it will likely come mounted on the controller.

An alternative is the Beaglebone Green.

The Beaglebone Black RevA option is an older “RevA” or “RevB” version of the Beaglebone Black. (current shipping version is “RevC”). The main difference between RevA and RevC is that the eMMC is only 2GB on the RevA/B compared to 4GB on the RevC. Since FPP requires almost 3GB of space, it means FPP cannot be installed directly onto the eMMC (unless using the Advanced BTRFS option) and thus requires the SD card to run. Other than requiring the SD card, it’s completely compatible with the RevC and all the capes will work on it. They are old/used, but have been tested to make sure they work and the boot loader and everything flashed to be up to date.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 1.5 in
SD Card w/ FPP

None, 32GB, RevA


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