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The BBB-OLED Cape is a board to easily allow mounting an OLED display onto a BeagleBone Black to display simple status information such as network IP address and player status.

It also provides push buttons that are used to access the FPP OLED menu system. From the menus, playlists can be started, various test modes activated, shutdown/restart, tethering options, etc… are available with more to come in future versions of FPP.

The cape also provides a simple i2c temperature sensor for reading the current temperature in the mounting location.

It also provides a battery backed real time clock (RTC) to keep time without internet access.

Finally, the board provides two expansion headers. The first is a 1×4 female header that provides access to the I2C bus for additional I2C peripherals. The second is a 2×5 male header that is “similar” to the first 10 pins of a Raspberry Pi connector. It exposes the I2C bus as well as 3 GPIO pins that could be used to wire additional push buttons or other sensors or triggers. Since it uses a similar pinout as the Pi header, but only exposes 3.3V, some of the Pi I2C devices such as RTCs may work if they can operate with 3.3V instead of 5V.

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