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16 Port pixel controller

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NOTE: Beaglebone’s are currently very hard to get due to the component shortage. The cape can be ordered, but it cannot come pre-mounted on a Beaglebone and ready to go. Keep checking the Beaglebone Black page for inventory updates. We are attempting to get more inventory of Beaglebone’s. If we do, they will likely be in small quantities and may sell out quick.

Note: These REQUIRE the latest FPP 4.0 images. Trying to boot a 3.6 image with these installed may corrupt the image.

These can also be purchased at Wired Watts: https://www.wiredwatts.com/klk16-b along with pixels, mounting plates, power supplies, etc…

What is it?

The K16A-B is a cape for the BeagleBone Black designed to drive ws2811 LED pixels. It has 16 local ports (fused with LED indicators) that can each drive 800 pixels (with power injection) at 40FPS (1500 at 20fps). It also has 4 RJ45 differential ports that can output an additional 16 strings. In addition, it has an expansion connector that can provide an additional 16 strings. Finally, it has 2 RS485 outputs for DMX, PixelNet, Renard, LOR.

For end-user usability, it provides a Real Time Clock, temperature sensors, voltage sensors, a header for an OLED display, four push buttons for navigating menus on the display.

The K16A-B also has an on-board, high quality DAC chip for providing sound.

It also has two extra headers for additional functionality. One header provides access to the I2C bus and 8 GPIO pins for additional push buttons or other triggers a user may need. The other header provides a mounting point for an optional Si4713 based FM transmitter.

A User Manual is available based on the older K32A-B. It’s been mostly updated for the K16A-B, but the serial outputm(DMX/LOR/etc…) handling has not been updated to reflect how it’s done on the K16A-B.

Why did you make it?

Animated Christmas Light displays typically use ws2811 Pixels for things like house outlines, candy canes, tree’s, etc… The F16A-B was designed to drive a large number of pixels for dense props like MegaTree’s and matrices where having a lot of local ports is useful. By providing onboard sound and optional FM transmission, its also very useful for fully “stand alone” shows.

NOTE: The optional FM transmitter will NOT come with any sort of antenna attached. The user will need to create a suitable antenna (a simple 75cm wire will work for most cases) and solder it to the transmitter.

The FM transmitter requires the Si4713/VAST-FM FPP Plugin to be installed in order to configure and enable the the FM transmission.

What makes it special?

The 16 local ports provides plenty of outputs for dense props.

The 4 RJ45 ports provide additional output capabilities to allow for future expansions. All 4 of the ports can be configured to drive a ws2811 pixel differential receiver board (available from pixelcontroller.com ). Both the “Smart Receivers” and the normal receivers are supported.

The BeagleBone can be powered by the same power supply powering the pixels. There are jumpers on the board to select either 5V or 12V power. Alternatively, the BeagleBone can be powered by its own barrel connector if an on-board jumper is removed.

Technical details: The ws2811 protocol is extremely timing dependent and are generally not drivable via a general purpose Linux CPU. The FPP software uses the two semi real-time PRU’s available on the Beaglebone to handle the protocol specific timings.

You WILL need:

  • ws2811 pixels
  • A good quality SD card with the latest FPP image installed on it. The latest FPP image can always be found at https://github.com/FalconChristmas/fpp/releases
  • A BeagleBone Black, BeagleBone Black Wireless, or BeagleBone Green.
    Note: a BeagleBone Green Wireless will NOT work.

You can print a mounting bracket: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4609555

Latest Firmware

Additional information

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Dimensions 7 × 6 × 1.5 in

6 reviews for K16A-B

  1. Arun Madhavan (verified owner)

    Thanks Dan for shipping this product on time. Works well, good built quality.

  2. Pat (verified owner)

    This replaced 3 LOR Pixie controllers for my display, and i am only using it to about 30% of its capability. No issues whatsoever, it works great.

  3. Darren Hedlund (verified owner)

    Best thing for Pixels! The Falcon is great but this is an all in one almost plug and play controller that is ready to go in a very short time. Also allows for full wireless using an AC1200 for fast 5ghz speeds allowing for easy sequencing and control allowing you to leave everything where it is for new works or changing existing sequences, mapping, etc.

  4. Techturtle

    best board for my first year .. very easy and almost plug and play with the add ons thanks kulp

  5. Matt Torrie (Miracle On Glen Elm)

    Best Board, I purchased this board from a Canadian guy I bought the K16, Beagle Black, and 16GB pre imaged SD card and the onboard FM Transmitter and honestly, this is way better than the Sansdevices controller I was using. I’m definitely going to be buying the K32 when I go to add in a Mega tree.

  6. Lights On 40th (verified owner)

    First dedicated pixel board. But not first time with FPP. Great little board and makes installing and setup easy as can be. Plug you runs into numbered ports, drag your models together as you have them wired, into xlights visualizer and your done. Blinky’s Go Blinky! Dan is great at troubleshooting and helping if you run into problems just reach out to him on the falcon forums or pixel related facebook groups (Get a support form Dan!) I recommend this board daily and continue to see many users adopt to this or one of the other kulp boards. The hardware is SOLID!.

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