BBB Smart Receiver v2


Differential Smart Receiver v2

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The 4-String Differential Smart Receiver Board can be connected to many different controller options allowing 4 strings to be placed up to 300+ feet from the controllers. The Smart Receiver can be daisy-chained together with other Smart Receivers (maximum six per chain). The chain will share the allocated number of pixels configured for the port it is connected to.

The Smart Receiver has a built in test mode that is activated by a push button. Great for testing pixels without the need of a controller. The board features four LEDS that will light respectively when data is detected on the four data lines.

Important Notes:

    • These are “BBB v2” smart receivers. They will work with any Beagle based controller in “v2” mode using settings “A” through “F”. They will also work in “Dumb” mode using setting “0”. They also will work in “v1” mode using settings “1” through “3” which allows them to work with the Falcon F48v3.
    • These will NOT work with Falcon v4 controllers. Due to component shortages, the processor on these are not able to handle the Falcon v4 smart protocol.

Technical Specs:
3 Port Phoenix Connectors Included
Supports 3-wire pixels only.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 4 × 3 × 1 in


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